The Local Experience

Shopping local is a great way to support our local economy.  By supporting businesses close to home we are ensuring our community is thriving. When we help each other, everyone benefits.  Our purchases are more than financial transactions, they are meaningful experiences. By shopping local we get to thank shop owners personally for their creatively meeting a demand for specialty products and services in our community.

In LCBN we believe in local businesses that's why we created the Shop Local initiative.

Shop Local by Becoming a Tourist in Your Town

Re-discover what your city/neighbourhood has to offer. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee and a pastry at a local café or bakery on your way to the office, picking up a handmade gift for a loved one or catching up with a friend over a pint of beer or glass of wine from a local brewery or winery, there are many options to support local without going out of our way. In the end, we should be proud of where we live, the people around us and what they do to support a thriving community.

business directory

IndiArts Collective

We offer unique, quality, and fairly sourced handmade products that support and share Latin American artisans’ work and spread awareness of each product’s history and significance.

Mi Tierra Latina

The convenience store Vancouver’s West End has been waiting for – We are bringing a piece of our Latin culture to you. A Must stop for all your grocery items, Latin American Foods, drinks, specialty items, and artisanal gifts.

Multiservices Vancouver

We are a B.C. locally owned business providing professional commercial cleaning, floor maintenance and disinfecting services throughout the Lower Mainland since 2013. 

Tiendita Collection

We offer curated handicrafts from the unknown & amazing artisans from Mexico who we believe, deserve to be found and have their work available to the world.

Tiendita Collection looks forward to bringing the best of life and art from Mexico to you!

Ay! Mamacita Artisan Street Food

Upscale, healthy and traditional Mexican food. Food truck operations: Metro Vancouver

Volcanica Natural Skincare

Handcrafted natural and vegan bath and body products. We try to be the more eco friendly that we can when thinking of ingredients and packaging.

Molcajete - Authentic Mexican Goods.Corp.

Importing 100% Artisanal Mexican Products

The Alfajor Company

We offer curated handicrafts from the unknown & amazing artisans from Mexico who we believe, deserve to be found and have their work available to the world.

Tiendita Collection looks forward to bringing the best of life and art from Mexico to you!

Del Comal a su Mesa

Cardero Cafe

Cardero Cafe is a family run business started by immigrant Latin American women. We started out in Cardero Street, where we transformed a beautiful two-story house into a brightly little coffee shop. 

Rosa Maria Delgado

Financial Planner


Tell us something about you:

Rosa has been in Canada since 1999, and previous to her current business as an Insurance and Mutual Fund agent, had a successful career in Corporate Finance in the Tech Industry.

Rosa’s mission is to teach new Canadians the ABCs of personal finances and help them implement a financial plan to achieve their goals. Rosa truly believes all new Canadians from Latin America and elsewhere have the skills, knowledge, and dedication to succeed professionally in Canada. Rosa’s job is to guide them to make the most of their finances, following the premise: “It does not matter how much you make, but how much you keep”

Testimony about your experience at LBCN:

LCBN was a great platform to launch my business. When I first decided to turn my part-time business into my new mission and long-term career path, I started attending LCBN’s monthly breakfasts. These networking events were paramount in helping me meet other professional members in the Latin community and create a brand for myself.

I would highly recommend you become part of LCBN to fast-start your business, and become part of the Latin-American business community.

Andrea Welling

Regional Director, BC


Tell us something about you:

Helping entrepreneurs connect with valuable resources in the entrepreneurship community is one of my passions. In addition, I strongly believe in the power of mentorship to support new ventures to be able to build confidence to go to their next level. For existing businesses struggling to scale, mentorship provides another invaluable perspective and a way to broaden the entrepreneur’s skillset.

For more information about Futurpreneur Canada or to learn more about entrepreneurship, please contact Andrea at

Testimony about your experience at LBCN:

As a guest speaker with LBCN, I felt supported to create a presentation around pivoting your business that would directly speak to the entrepreneurial mindset which I feel is a key aspect of being a successful business owner. LBCN was very professional in creating a colorful advertisement for the event and I was so pleased to share this through my network. The event itself was well attended and participants felt comfortable to share and ask questions which made the experience interactive and engaging. LBCN staff were organized, efficient and friendly and I felt look after every step of the way.

Manuel Banales



Tell us something about you:

I was born and raised in Mexico, where I studied law in Guadalajara, Jalisco. This permitted me to become aware of the fact that business relationships are what makes up most of organized society. My passion is to create businesses catered to the current demand of society. However, my biggest passion is to create healthy and diverse businesses by always maintaining the customer as my number one priority.

Testimony about your experience at LBCN:

Being an active member of LCBN has permitted me to have access to a large data base of other entrepreneurs and a vast amount of companies which each specialize in different mercantile niches. This has enabled our company (Western Canada Education Services) to become well-known amongst the Latin community in Canada. This, in effect, has given us the opportunity to position ourselves effectively in Latin America.